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Décor Be Green is a collection of furniture that has been sourced from suppliers that have a dedicated sustainability programme.

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Décor Be Green uses suppliers that are committed to designing high quality products that can withstand the test of time, in terms of both style and performance.

Décor Be Green advocates products that have been produced using regenerated plastic and wood supplied from well and responsibly managed forests. 

Décor Be Green champions the production process that uses renewable energy with the primary  focus on the material’s durability and resistance while always incurring minimal waste.

Regenerated Plastic
The Décor Be Green collection is made of certified regenerated plastic (Post Consumer Industrial Plastic, or PCR): obtained from the processing and regeneration of end-of-life products such as plastic bottles or food packaging, any waste that is derived from recycling, and any industrial waste such as production residues. Sustainability is at the forefront as new plastics are not introduced to the environment while potentially polluting waste materials are recovered.

FSC® Certified Wood
Most wooden products on our site are manufactured with wood supplied with origin certification from well and responsibly managed forests. FSC® certification mark guarantees that the whole wood-paper chain, which is compliant with its standards, derives from an environmentally respectful forest management, socially useful and economically sustainable.